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"My parents and I had been going to another church before COVID. It was hard to know how to process everything going on. When Radiant opened up, we were craving community and decided to join Radiant in person on Sundays. Before I knew It, I wanted to go to everything! Youth, Prayer service, etc. I even signed up for Youth Convention! 

At Youth Convention, I rededicated my life to the lord! I know now how closely he wants to be in my life. I even found a community of close friends that I have been wanting for a long time. God is good!" 




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"I had attended Radiant in the past, but once the church reopened in August I felt a desire to get plugged in. This was a desire. I have never had before! I felt lead to fill out a serve card to start serving in Radiant Kids. I have been serving ever since. God has been developing my heart to serve and invest in the next generation!

 I truly have found my purpose and community through serving and regularly attending church."



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"Earlier this year I signed up for Fearless Sisterhood Conference 2020 in hopes that God would continue to do a work in my spirit. It has been a hard few years. My Husband and I almost got a divorce and we lost our baby. 

This past year, God has restored our marriage better than it's ever been before! 

My husband and I have been praying for a baby.

At Fearless Conference, I felt the Lord speak to me through the speaker, Jessie. "That someone has been praying for a baby and God hears your prayers."

Whether that is having a child of our own, or adopting a little girl or boy. I know God hears our prayers and will fulfill his promise!"




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