sisterhood stories



I visited Radiant when the distribution line was going. It was my first time going to church in a while and I thought, maybe since they are giving out food it’s okay to go. It has been very hard being a single mom with teenage foster kids during this time. I was able to talk with a girl named Lauren who explained that Radiant has an online page that my kids could go to for positive influences and to get prayer and encouragement. She shared a scripture with me that I really needed in that moment (Philippians 4:6-7) about not being anxious and giving everything to God. 

Radiant brought hope back into my family’s life. My youngest daughter that was struggling, and since watching the Next Gen services she has been encouraged. We can’t wait to connect further with the sisterhood. 




I was feeling isolated alone and depressed. I reached out for prayer during online service and was connected with a very sweet pastor. She prayed for me, that God would comfort me and send me someone to connect with. The next week, the same pastor saw me online and checked in with me. I couldn’t wait to tell her that I had the best week I’ve had in a long time! Since reaching out in prayer, I have felt the presence of God in a way that I have never experienced before. 




My husband and I were going through a really rough time in our health, away from our friends and family. We had been in the hospital and doctors couldn’t explain what was going on. One day we got a call from a young lady at Radiant. She was reaching out to let us know that Radiant was praying for us and that they cared about us. I broke down in tears because my husband and I had been praying for God to show up. She continued to reach out over the next few weeks. I couldn’t wait to tell her all God was doing! 

He truly has brought healing in our bodies, giving us wisdom and rekindled our heart for him. 




We believe in the power of stories. Sharing your story can truly impact the lives of others. Letting them feel united, encouraged, and loved. Hold power over your stories by telling it in the form below. 


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