Pastor Connie Marquart

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Pastor Connie leads the Fearless Sisterhood with love, compassion, and encouragement.One of her greatest desires is to see girls of all ages make decisions to follow Jesus and help them grow deeper in their walk with Him. She loves connecting girls with each other in the Sisterhood to form lifelong friendships with Jesus at the center of it all.

Jessie Davis 

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Doree Donaldson

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We are so excited that Jessie Davis is joining us for Fearless Sisterhood Conference this year! Jessie is a preacher, lover of God’s Church and builder of God’s people. For the last decade she has worked with the next generation, building ministries, raising leaders, preaching encouragement and power over the next movement of the Church.

It is an honor to have Doree Donaldson with us at Fearless Sisterhood Conference! Doree and her husband, Hal, founded Convoy of Hope, Inc. in 1994.  Convoy of Hope actively serves women through its jobs training initiatives, community outreaches, feeding programs, disaster relief efforts, agriculture initiatives and more. 

She and her husband have four daughters: Lindsay, Erin-Rae, Lauren and Haly.  They travel extensively, challenging people to do all they can to meet the needs of the poor and suffering.