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Ice Cream in a Bag

Let's have some fun! We know it's hard to come up with things to do for the kids 24/7. Especially amidst a pandemic.

Check out this fun activity with the family!

What you'll need
  1. Ice Cream Salt

  2. Half and Half or Heavy Whipping Cream (check out non-dairy substitutes in link)

  3. Sugar

  4. Vanilla Extract

  5. Large Gallon Size Freezer Bag

  6. Pint Size Freezer Plastic Bag

  7. Towel

  8. Toppings!~ Whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate....

Now that you've got all the things you need

Head to the link below for the steps to make it happen!

We love this tutorial because it shows you the process step by step.

Click HERE for the details!

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