You WILL Dream Again... 

I remember when I heard the words Dream Again...
It was mid summer and I was listening to music while swimming.I heard the vocalist say"you're going to Dream Again."
I felt my heart well up inside of me and I knew the Lord was speaking to me. Little did I know,
 he was speaking to the Sisterhood too.

Life has been anything but "normal" these last couple of years.
We've seen hard times fall on all of us. This season has been no respecter of persons.
Yet God said, "Dream Again". 

My friend, believe with all your heart that the grey clouds will be filled with color. As life became dull and void of color,
God said "Dream Again". "I can raise the dead to life, "Dream again". Allow your heart to bask in his goodness and joy.

Begin to believe again for what he has placed in your life. Allow color to fill the places that were void of color.
Allow him to breath new life into you again.
Never give up hope and always believe he is with you as you

"Dream again".
Acts 2:17
With Love -Pastor Connie 

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Two days filled with inspiring words, dynamic worship and fun with the Sisterhood! Tickets are $30.00

 Click the button below to register!


November 18th

The fun starts at 5:00 PM

Doors open at 6:30 PM

Kick off at 7:00 PM!

DAY 2 

November 19th

The fun starts at 8:00 AM

Doors open at 8:30 AM

Kick off at 9:00 AM!


Radiant Church Surprise: 15522 W. Paradise Ln Surprise, AZ 85374


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God has been so gracious to allow us to do


Conference for 5 years now! Can you believe it?


Connecting with the Sisterhood is an incredible way


to live life to the fullest and flourish in the 


community that God has called us too! 

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Pastor Connie is our Fearless leader! She leads the Sisterhood with love, compassion and encouragement.

One of her greatest desires is to see girls of all ages make decisions to follow Jesus. She desired to help them grow deeper in their walk with Him. Pastor Connie loves connecting girls with each other in the Sisterhood to form lifelong friendships and have Jesus at the center of it all.

Lisa Harper is a speaker, Bible scholar, and author with the very BEST sense of humor! In 2014,  Lisa adopted a little girl from Haiti named Missy- You might hear a few fun stories about her as she is the apple of Lisa's eye. Lisa is the most genuine, fun person. We can't wait to hangout with her! 

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